Monday, September 5, 2011

Seriously Tasty Meatloaf by Health-Bent

In spite of Meatless Mondays, I have for you a recipe that is full of meat. In fact, it contains ground pork, ground beef, and most importantly bacon. Now, I've never been a huge meatloaf fan, but since it's my dad's favorite dish I decided to give this paleo equivalent from Health-bent a try.

The Good
Seriously tasty (the title doesn't lie)
Seriously juicy

The Bad
Bacon wasn't crispy

Overall - 3/5
This is a solid recipe. I opted for jarred sauce to save time, and in total, it took a little over an hour to cook. The best part about this recipe is how juicy it stayed (even for a couple days after in the fridge). I definitely slathered it with ketchup, but this was a mighty fine meal. I gave it three stars because it didn't blow me away (perhaps because I never used to like meatloaf). However, my dad, a longtime meatloaf lover, was very pleased. If nothing else, I like this recipe because it breaks the boundaries a little with what we consider to be meatloaf. Using bacon on top, and then broiling it - genius! I'd like to use that idea for other recipes.

One complaint (and per usual this could be my fault) is that the bacon on top wasn't crispy. It was cooked, but almost soggy as if it had been cooked in the microwave. Perhaps I didn't leave the broiler on long enough, but I would have loved for the bacon to be crispy. That would have given it a contrast to the tender meatloaf below.