Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies by Primal Palate

If there was one thing I missed most when I started eating paleo it was cereal. But if I had to choose second it would probably be cookies. My mom in notorious for baking up a storm when we have company over. We are over loaded with her delicious cookies, double fudge brownies, you name it. You weren't leaving until you had dessert.

Since I stopped eating grains, I've been trying to find a recipe to rival my mom's famous cookies. I stumbled on Primal Palate's blog earlier in the year, and I've made this recipe over five times since then. To me that's a lot. I typically don't repeat a recipe unless I really love it. And I love this one.

These cookies have a perfect chewy consistency, and the maple syrup adds a touch of flavor that hints of fresh pancakes. I strongly recommend you try these them.

This is my second batch with cocoa powder. My first batch was devoured. 

The Good
Coconut oil adds a nice touch
Great consistency
Quick to cook
LOVE the maple syrup taste

The Bad
Should have made more

Overall - 5/5 Stars
This is one of those recipes that you could pass of as the "real thing" with out having to say... "It's gluten-free, packed with protein". Unfortunately, I did tell my dad this. And he ate a whole batch of cookies in one sitting. I kid you not. I doubled the batch which made about 30 small cookies. My dad ate the 12 remaining cookies in one sitting!!!! Unbelievable.

I had to make a new batch, however this time I decided to add half a cup of cocoa powder. Which is why my cookies turned out dark. I also had to HIDE this batch from my dad. He said he liked the double chocolate goodness, but I think they were a little more dry than the batch with out the cocoa powder.

Either way, trying these cookies is a must. They are even better Elana's Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, and that in itself is a feat, because she makes some amazing recipes. Have you tried these yet? What do you think?