Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Actually Delicious Turkey Burgers by Trudi Davidoff

I used to be the weird kid at soccer tournaments who ordered a turkey burger and an orange juice while everyone else was enjoying a nice juicy cheese burger and a coke. I'm not sure if I really liked the taste of Turkey burgers better, or if I just thought I was making the "healthy" decision (that certainly wasn't the case for the Orange juice). Either way, I've been eating turkey burgers for years, and only recently have they began to lose thier appeal. There is much tasteier meat out there (duck anyone?). Turkey can be so dry sometimes, so making turkey burgers at home can be very dissatisfying. Even molding the burgers was a little disgusting. I felt like I was playing with pink plasma.

That being said, my parents still love turkey burgers, so I volunteered to find a recipe for the family. I went to google recipes (which is great by the way), typed in "Turkey Burgers" and got the one with the most ratings. So, here it is, the highest rated Turkey Burger recipe on the internet (as of now).

The Good

  • Liked the onions
  • Good combo of spices

The Bad

  • Too meatloafy

Overall - 3/5 Stars

Better than most turkey burger recipe, but I know there is a better one out there. Granted I used almond flour, but it gave the burgers kind of a meatloaf consistency - which was of putting to me (my dad probably liked it). I'll continue to look for other recipes.

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