Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 29 - Better than a glass of warm milk

Okay, I had to make a post about this. I love Peter Gillham's natural calm magnesium supplement. It tastes slightly citrusy, but it's not off-putting. I simply mix it with water and take it before I go to bed. It really does help me relax, since I can never seem to get off the computer an hour before bed like your supposed to.

I actually look forward to taking this supplement, because I can tell a difference. Not only can I tell within a few minutes that it is making me relaxed, but I also feel refreshed in the morning. Not the jump-out-of-bed awake I somehow experienced in my first post about Natural Calm, but I generally feel pretty great with about 7-8 hours of sleep plus natural calm.

Conclusion: I've been very happy with this supplement in only a week or so of use. I still have a month's supply or more, so I'll continue to test, but the initial results are great. Anyone looking to relax or wind down before bed would certainly benefit from a few scoops of Natural Calm.

ps. I got the unflavored one, but judging by the taste of this the raspberry one is probably pretty tasty as well.

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