Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 22 - Rise and SHINE

Did I just wake up at 6am and not go back to sleep? Yes, this feels weird, but it also feels great. Today marks one of the very, very few times where I am waking up and ready to go. I feel refreshed!

So, I didn't wait until the end of my 30 days to try all the supplements. I tried Peter Gillham's Natural Calm last night. I mixed a teaspoon with hot water and sipped on it before bed. I immediately felt a little more at ease, just kind of in a read-for-bed mood. So, I read a little bit of my fiction book of choice (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), and then got ready for bed.

I felt like I was tossing around a lot last night. I felt pretty restless like my body wanted to get up, so I figured it was around 7:30 8 o clock. Nope, it was 6am. But I felt ready to get up and go, I did not even feel like trying to go back to sleep. I did go to bed at 10:30 though, and 7.5 hours of sleep does me pretty well, but even still. Usually, when I go to bed earlier I just end up sleeping for longer especially without an alarm clock. Perhaps, that means my cortisol levels are good (high in morning and low at night).

Either way, I'll need more testing to see how I do in the long run, but the first night's sleep using the magnesium supplement was a success!

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